Retire Mortgage-free

Retiring mortgage-free is within your grasp.

Are you 5 to 10 years from
retirement, and…

  • Paying at least 1% more than the current mortgage rates?
  • Have at least 30% equity in your home?
  • Have a good credit score?
  • Plan to stay in your home after retirement?
  • Have an adjustable rate mortgage with another lender?
  • Want to eliminate mortgage payments once you retire?

Fixed-Rate Mortgage solutions designed just for our baby boomer members!

You may even have the opportunity with this offer to coordinate your mortgage pay-off date with your retirement date!

2.75% APR
5 to 7 year term

3.00% APR
7 to 10 year term

No Points

Existing refinances only

  • Owner occupied only
  • 70% Loan to Value ratio
  • $999.00 application fee

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